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FarmVille Australia Chapter 5 Quests

Cooper is up to something in FarmVille Attack of the Drop Bear! a FarmVille Australia Chapter 5 Quests. Join Cooper as we continue to explore the farm extension Australia to discover more amazing things and wonders.

On this chapter of Australia quest, there will only be 1 crafting task in the Aussie Winery which will be a level 3 recipe and also one animal mastery. There is no 2 day crop, the longest will be a 1 day crop. For animal mastery, the fastest way to complete it is to have multiple pens to place and harvest the animal. Once you harvested it from the first pen just remove the animal and place it to your second pen. It is not a must to place and harvest it in Australia farm. 

Note: The quest information and numbers may still change prior or while the quest is ongoing. Release date will be on Monday, May 20.

Time :- 20 may 2013 to 27 may 2013

Quests 1: FarmVille Give it a Burl

·       Ask friends for 7 Tied Boot Strings (request for )
·       Harvest 30 Muntries (or spelled as Muntires) (skip 10)
·       Harvest Daydream Island Twice (skip 20)

1 Tripping Tiger, 150 xp, 250 ap, 3000 coins

Quests 2: FarmVille Beware of Rats

·       Ask friends for 8 Rodent Notices (request for )
·       Harvest 40 Lillipilli (skip 10)
·       Harvest Tripping Tiger Twice (skip 20)

1 Rat House Tree, 200 xp, 260 ap, 3500 coins

Quests 3: FarmVille Beware the Drop Bear!

·       Ask friends for 9 Beware of Drop Bear Sign (request for )
·       Harvest 50 Australian Purple Pepper (skip 10)
·       Craft Muntrie Chutney (skip 15)

1 Drop Bear, 250 xp, 270 ap, 4000 coins

 Quests 4: FarmVille Waiter, There’s a Fly In My…

·       Ask friends for 10 Fake Insect Ice Cubes (request for )
·       Harvest 60 Kutjera Tomato (skip 10)
·       Master Tripping Tiger 1 Star (skip 20)

1 Duck Cube, 300 xp, 280 ap, 4500 coins

Quests 5: FarmVille Hot Sauce


·       Ask friends for 12 Super Hot Sauce (request for )
·       Harvest 70 Fava Beans (skip 10)
·       Harvest Duck Cube Twice (skip 15)

1 Hot Sauce Tree, 350 xp, 290 ap, 5000 coins

Quests 6: FarmVille Get Out!

·       Ask friends for 14 Fake Eviction Notices (request for )
·       Harvest 85 Semillion Grape (skip 10)
·       Harvest Drop Bear Twice (skip 15)

1 Aussie Dragicorn, 400 xp, 300 ap, 5500 coins

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